Carbon Footprint Reduction Label

The carbon footprint reduction or global warming reduction Label

Knowing the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label

Carbon Footprint Reduction Label (CFR) or Global Warming Reduction Label is a label that demonstrates a certified Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) and its emissions reduction based on the TGO eligible reduction criteria. The CFR evaluation and process include the quantification and certification of base year and present year CFP and the comparison results between the base year and present year certified CFP or against its product category benchmarking threshold announced by TGO.


Eligible criteria for the CFR certified product

The product registered as CFR shall comply with the following requirements,

  1. The certified CFP of its present year compared to base year certified CFP shall be reduced not less than 2%  or
  2. The certified CFP of its present year is equal to or less than the product category benchmarking threshold and not more than its base year certified value.

The CFR reference benchmarking threshold of the CFR products 

The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) or TGO has developed the reference benchmarking threshold of each product category for targeted producers to be used for their CFR certification and registration in the following link;


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